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Kerala PSC Divisional Accountant Previous Questions - 02

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746. Who among the following women leaders was not the President of Indian National Congress even once?
(A) Annie Besant (B) Vijayalakshmi Pandit (C) Sarojini Naidu (D) Indira Gandhi

Answer:- (B) Vijayalakshmi Pandit

747. Who was the Nawab of Bengal at the time of the Battle of Plassey?
(A) Mir Jaffar (B) Mir Jumla (C) Mir Qasim (D) Siraj-ud-daula

Answer:- (D) Siraj-ud-daula

748. In 1943 Netaji Subash Chandra Bose proclaimed the formation of the provisional Goverment of Independent India (Azad Hind) in:
(A) Vienna (B) Tokyo (C) Rangoon (D) Sigapore

Answer:- (D) Sigapore

749. Right belief, Right cognition and Right conduct are the three gems or Triratnas associated with:
(A) Buddhism (B) Jainism (C) Hinduism (D) Islam

Answer:- (B) Jainism

750. The countries comprising the Indian sub continent are:
(A) India,Pakistan,China,Myanmar and Bangladesh (B) India, Pakistan ,Nepal, Bhutan,and Bangladesh (C) India, Nepal, China, and Bangladesh (D) None of these

Answer:- (B) India, Pakistan ,Nepal, Bhutan,and Bangladesh

751. The Nilgiris are part of the:
(A) Western Ghats (B) Eastern Ghats (C) Aravallis (D) Satpura

Answer:- (A) Western Ghats

752. The most useful feature of Himalayan rivers is that:
(A) They are huge in terms of total length (B) They offer perennial source of water supply (C) They deposit large amount of slit (D) All of the above

Answer:- (D) All of the above

753. The richest type of soil is the:
(A) Red soil (B) Alluvial soil (C) Black soil (D) Laterite soil

Answer:- (B) Alluvial soil

754. The Ganges beyond Farakka after entering Bangladesh is known as:
(A) Padma (B) Ganga Sagar (C) Swaran Ganga (D) Meghna

Answer:- (A) Padma

755. The copper mines in India are located in:
(A) Mayurbhanj (B) Dhanbad (C) Kolar (D) Khetri

Answer:- (D) Khetri

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