Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 393

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571. The clonned dog:

Answer :- Snupy

572.The heaviest Reptile:
Answer :- Salt Water Crocodile

573.The largest amphibean:
Answer :- Giant salamander

574.The largest carnivorous animal in the land:
Answer :- Polar bear

575.The largest in the cat family:
Answer :- Tiger

576.The largest vertebrate:
Answer :- Blue Whale

577.The number of chambers in the heart of birds:
Answer :- 4

578.The study of snakes:
Answer :- Ophiology

579.Which animal has the largest number of names?
Answer :- Puma

580.Which animal is known as ‘the engineer of forest’?
Answer :- Beever

581.The largest frog in the world is called.....
Answer :- Goliath Frog

582.The organism that lives in the den made by other organisms:
Answer :- Snake

583.Fish that can climb tree:

Answer :- Anabus

584.Land of Flying fish:
Answer :- Barbados

585.The venom of Cobra affects:
Answer :- Nervous system

586.Which is known as ‘dog fish’?

Answer :- Shark

587.Which is known as ‘king of fish’?
Answer :- Whale Shark

588.Which is known as ‘Poorman’s fish’?
Answer :- Sardine

589.Which mammal is known as ‘laughing fish’?
Answer :- Dolphin

590.Which organism has the largest number of ribs?
Answer :- Snakes 
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