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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 377 (Facts about India)

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361. Name the theme associated with the 2015 Calendar released by Union Government?

Answer:- Clean India Green India

362. King Abdulla Bin Abdul Azeez who passed away in 2015 January was the ruler of which country?

Answer:- Saudi Arabia

363. The percentage seat share of BJP in 2014 election?

Answer:- 51.9%

364. The percentage seat share of INC in 2014 election?

Answer:- 8.1%

365. percentage vote share of BJP in 2014 election?

Answer:- 31.0%

366. percentage vote share of INC in 2014 election?

Answer:- 19.3%

367. The fourth largest party in 2014 General election?

Answer:- All India Trinamool Congress

368. Which political party shared 4.1% votes in 2014 election but could not secure a single seat in Lok Sabha?

Answer:- Bahujan Samaj Party

369. Which is the largest selling small car in the world?

Answer:- Maruti Alto

370. The person of Tamil origin to become the Chief Justice of India?

Answer:- Js.Kanakasabhapati Sreepavan

371. The Indian Cricket legend who was inducted into ICC Hall of Fame in February 2015?

Answer:- Anil Kumble

372. The Bollywood film maker who wrote the novel “All That Could Have Been” ?

Answer:- Mahesh Bhatt

373. Which State in India has the highest infant mortality rate?

Answer:- Bihar

374. To which sports Vani Kapoor is related?

Answer:- Golf

375. Which movie won the Golden Bear Award at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival?

Answer:- Taxi

376. Which state in India has the largest number of Special Economic Zones?

Answer:- Tamil Nadu

377. Which country ranked first in the World Press Freedom Index 2015?

Answer:- Finland

378. India’s first chief of Cyber Security?

Answer:- Gulshan Rai

379. International Mother Language Day?

Answer:- February 21

380. Which Committee was constituted by Reserve Bank of India to review governance of boards of banks in India?

Answer:- PJ Nayak Committee

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