Friday, 27 November 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 387

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501.The number of bones in the middle ear:
Answer :- 3

502. The study of ear:
Answer :-Otology

503...... cells are helpful for night vision:
Answer :-Rod

504. Astigmatism is rectified by using:
Answer :-Cylindrical lens

505. Inflammation of ....... is called Conjunctivitis:
Answer :- Conjunctiva

506. The basic unit of nervous system:
Answer :- Neuron

507. The bony covering of brain:
Answer :-Cranium

508. The brain uses about ......% of the oxygen a man breathes:
Answer :-20

509. The defect of the eye due to the cornea or lens of the eye is not perfectly spherical resulting in different focal points in different plains:
Answer :-Astigmatism

510. The first to perform cataract surgery:
Answer :- Susrutha

511. The part of the eye in cats and dogs which reflects during night:
Answer :- Tapetum

512. Which is known as ‘the king of birds’?
Answer :-Eagle

513. Which is the largest animal ever evolved in the history of earth:
Answer :-Whale

514. The clonned cat:
Answer :- Carbon Copy

515. The world’s smallest mammal is :
Answer :- Bumblebee bat

516. Which rodent is related to ‘mass suicide myth’?
Answer :-Lemming

517. Anaconda is a native of:
Answer :-South America

518. Only reptile with a four chambered heart:
Answer :- Crocodile

519. Parkinson’s disease affects:
Answer :-Nervous system

520. Pavo Chistatus is the scientific name of:
Answer :- Peacock

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