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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 383 [Science]

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451. Which one of the following is scalar quantity?
A] Electric Current
B] Strain
C] Specific Gravity
D] None of these
Answer :- Electric Current

452. Candela is the unit of
A] Magnetic intensity
B] Luminous intensity
C] Electric intensity
D] Acoustic intensity
Answer :- Luminous intensity

453. Bomb is released by a flying areoplane. The trajectory of bomb is
A] Parabola
B] Straight Line
C] Circle
D] Hyperbola
Answer :- Parabola

454. Why an athlete runs some distance before taking a long jump?
A] The athlete acquire larger inertia of motion
B] The athlete overcomes inertia of rest
C] The athlete gets inertia of direction
D] The athlete acquires kinetic energy
Answer :- The athlete acquire larger inertia of motion

455. A boy in a lift will weigh more when the lift
A] is falling freely
B] is moving down with an acceleration
C] is about to move up
D] None of these
Answer :- is about to move up

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