Monday, 16 November 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 382 [Geography]

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431. Whcih river form the Sunderbans delta?

Answer:- Ganga and Brahmaputhra

432. Which Indian plateau is situated between the mountains of West Ghats and Easten Ghats?

Answer:- The Deccan Plateu

433. Which is the largest Indian plateau with an area of about 5 lakh sq Km?

Answer:- The Deccan Plateau

434. Which mountain mark the northern boundary of the Deccan Plateau?

Answer:- The Satpura

435. Which Inaidn plateau has been formed by the eruption of basaltic lava flows about 65 million years ago?

Answer:- The Deccan Plateau

436. The Deccan Plateau is rich in which type of soil?

Answer:- Black Cotton soil

437. Which plateau region is known as mineral source of India?

Answer:- Chotanagpur Plateau

438. Which mountain range runs in a north-east to south-west direction along the Thar Desert?

Answer:- The Aravalli Range

439. Which is considered as the oldest mountain range in India?

Answer:- The Aravalli

440. Which mountain range seperates the drainage basin of the Ganga from the Deccan Plateau?

Answer:- The Vindhyan Range

441. The Important tourist centers of central India Pachmrhi and Amarkantak are situated in which mountain range?

Answer:- The Satpura Range

442. Which mountain ranges forms the Western boundary of the Deccan Plateau?

Answer:- Western Ghats

443. What is the length of the Western Ghats mountain range?

Answer:- 1600 Km

444. The Western Ghats passes through how many states?

Answer:- Six [ 6 ]

445. Which peak situated in the Western Ghats is the tallest in South India?

Answer:- Anai Mudi (2,695 M)

446. Which mountain range runs parallel to the Coromondal Coast?

Answer:- Eastern Ghats

447. Which is the highest peak in the eastern Ghats?

Answer:- Mahendra Giri

448. In which state is the salt plains of the Great Rann and Littin Rann of Kutch are situated?

Answer:- Gujarath

449. Which is the name of the central part of the western coast of India?

Answer:- Konkan Coast

450. Which is the southern part of the western coast of India

Answer:- Malabar Coast

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