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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 380 [Geography]

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401. The Himalayans belongs to which Type of Mountain range?

Answer:- Young Fold Mountains

402. What is the average width of the Himalayan range?

Answer:- 160-325 KM

403. The Himalayan Mountain range is ........... KM long.

Answer:- 2,500 KM

404. What was the name of the sea Which once occupied the place of Himalayas?

Answer:- Tethys Sea

405. What is the height of the World's highest peak, Mount Everest?

Answer:- 8,848 M

406. In which country is the Mount Everest situated?

Answer:- Nepal

407. Which is World's second tallest peak situated in India?

Answer:- Kanchenjunga [8,598 M]

408. Which are the three parallel belts of the Himalayan range?

Answer:- Outer Himalayas, Leaser Himalayas and Greater Himalayas

409. Which is the southers most Himalayan belt, consists of foothills?

Answer:- Outer Himalayas

410. Which Himalayan belt is also known as 'Siwaliks'?

Answer:- Outer Himalaya

411. Which Himalayan belt is hevily forested?

Answer:- The Siwaliks

412. Which Himalayan belt is characterised by the 'duns'?

Answer:- The Siwaliks

413. Dehradun Valley is situated in the .......... belt of the Himalayas?

Answer:- The Siwaliks

414. Which Himalayan belt is composed of fluvial deposits of boulders, sand and clay, which are prone to intense erosion?

Answer:- Outer Himalayas [Siwaliks]

415. The Lesser Himalayas belt, lie north of Siwaliks is also known as?

Answer:- Himachal

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