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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 376 (RENAISSANCE)

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356. “If you want to speak of politics in India, you must speak through the language of religion.” Who gave this advice to Dr.Palpu?

(a) Sree Narayana Guru
(b) Swami Vivekananda
(c) Sarojini Naidu
(d) Chattampi Swamikal

Answer:- Swami Vivekananda

357. After the meeting which eminent personality Sree Narayana Guru wrote ‘Municharyapanchakam’(The Path of the Ascetic)?

(a) Mahathma Gandhi
(b) Rabindranath Tagore
(c) Ramana Maharshi
(d) C.F.Andrews

Answer:- Ramana Maharshi

358. “Ascetic and holy man who tried to break the Brahmin hold on the performance of religious ceremonies. Attacked caste and associated with Izhavas. Said to have taught yoga to Sree Narayana Guru” –Robin Jeffri made this comment about:

(a) Dr.Palpu
(b) Thycaud Ayya
(c) Kumaranasan
(d) Chattambi Swamikal

Answer:- Chattambi Swamikal

359. Who is referred to as ‘Sampooranathevan’ in Ayyavazhi mythology?

(a) Thycaud Ayya
(b) Ayya Vaikundar
(c) Ayyankali
(d) Sree Narayana Guru

Answer:- Ayya Vaikundar

360. The autobiography of Swadeshabhimani K.Ramakrishna Pillai:

(a) Ente Katha
(b) Ente Jeevithasamaram
(c) Jeevithasamaram
(d) Ende Naadukadathal

Answer:- Ende Naadukadathal


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