Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 371 (CONSTITUTION)

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306. The number of states in India with Legislative Council, the second chamber of Legislature:

Answer:- 7

307. The official residence of the President of India, Rashrapathi Bhavan, was designed by:

Answer:- Edwin Lutyens

308. The idea of single citizenship has been copied from:

Answer:- Britain

309. The idea of Suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency has been copied from:

Answer:- Weimar Constitution of Germany

310. The idea of the President is the executive head of the state has been copied from:

Answer:- USA

311. The idea of written constitution has been copied from:

Answer:- USA

312. The idea of Vice President as the chairman of upper house has been copied from:

Answer:- USA

313. The Indian state where Article 356 of the Constitution was imposed for the first time:

Answer:- Kerala

314. A democratic state with hereditary head of state:

Answer:- Britain

315. A country with collective head of state:

Answer:- Switzerland

316. The words included in the preamble through the 42nd Amendment:

Answer:- Socialist, Secular

317. The words ‘Unity of the Nation’ in the preamble was substituted by ....... through the 42nd Amendment:

Answer:- Unity and Integrity of the Nation

318. In which year preamble was amended?

Answer:- 1976

319. Which amendment amended the preamble?

Answer:- 42nd

320. How many words are there in the preamble at present?

Answer:- 85

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