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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 356 (FACTS ABOUT KERALA)

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----------------- FACTS ABOUT KERALA ---------------

81.Which is the second university in Kerala? 
Answer :- Calicut University 

82.Who was called ‘the Marthanda Varma of Kochi’ as he introduced several reforms? 
Answer :- Sakthan Thampuran 

83.Who was the King of Travancore when University of Travancore was established? 
Answer :- Chithira Thirunal 

84.The Hajur Katcheri of Travancore was shifted from Kollam to Thiruvananthapuram during the reign of:
Answer :- Swati Tirunal 

85.Malabar Special Police was formed in:
Answer :- 1921 

86.The first Malayali woman to become chief justice of the Kerala High Court:
Answer :- KK Usha 

87. The founder of Kalamandalam:
Answer :- Vallathol Narayana Menon

88.The Dewan of Travancore who selected Alappuzha as the centre of his activities:
Answer :- Raja Kesavadas 

89.Ayyanadikal Thiruvadikal issued the edict of Tarisappally in:
Answer :- 849 

90.In which century Huantsang is believed to have reached Kerala?Answer :- Seventh 

91.In which century Thacholi Othenan lived?
Answer :- 16th 

92.Malabar was brought under the British control in 1792 and the Joint Commissioners published a code in:
Answer :- 1793 

93.Primitive form of Kathakali:
Answer :- Ramanattam 

94.The first justice of the Travancore High Court:Answer :- Ramachandrayyar 

95.The first person in Kerala to write Sanskrit Drama: 
Answer :- Saktibhadran 

96.The first private medical college in Kerala, TD Medical College was established in the district of: 
Answer :- Alappuzha 

97.The headquarters of areas of Malabar when it was under the control of Tipu Sultan:
Answer :- Farokk 

98.Who is regarded as the father of the city of Thrissur? 
Answer :- Sakthan Thampuran 

99.Raja Raja Chola invaded Kerala in:
Answer :- AD 1000 

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