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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 355 (FACTS ABOUT KERALA)

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61. 207.Mandapathum Vathukkal in Travancore was equivalent to:

Answer :- Taluk

62. Who was appointed by Marthanda Varma to regularise the tax system in Travancore?
Answer :- Mallan Sankaran

63.The first city in Kerala where public transport service was introduced:
Answer :- Thiruvananthapuram

64.The country which provided support to Idukky Project:
Answer :- Canada

65. The king of Travancore when Malayali Memorial and Ezhava Memorial were submitted?
Answer :- Sri Mulam Tirunal

66.Who was the first signatory of Malayali Memorial?
Answer :- K.P.Sankara Menon

67. The first woman police station in Kerala:
Answer :- Kozhikode

68.The first minister for Education in Kerala:
Answer :-  Joseph Mundassery

69.The first arch dam in India:
Answer :- Idukky

70.Who called Kochi as ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’?

Answer :- R.K.Shanmukham Chetty

71.The port in Kerala associated with Indo-
Answer :- Norwegian Project: Neendakara

72.The first city to be granted the status of corporation after the formation of Kerala state:
Answer :- Kozhikode

73.The king who annexed Kollam to Travancore?
Answer :- Marthanda Varma

74.The city which was the seat of Nediyiruppu or Zamorin:
Answer :- Kozhikode

75.The Dewan of Travancore who introduced the primitive form of police as ‘Kaval’:

Answer :- Ummini Thampy

76.The Dewan who modernised the judicial system in Travancore:
Answer :- Monroe

77.The first Government women’s college in Kerala was established at:
Answer :- Thiruvananthapuram

78.The first Inspector General of Kerala:
Answer :- N Chandrasekharan Nair

79.The first international air port in Kerala:
Answer :- Thiruvananthapuram

80.The first woman IPS officer in Kerala:
Answer :- R Sreelekha 

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