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Friday, 25 September 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 353

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16.336.The fastest mammal:
Answer :- Cheetah

17.The animal that never drinks water:
Answer :- Kangaroo Rat

18.The animal which produces the largest amount of milk:
Answer :- Blue Whale

19.The first animal domesticated by man:
Answer :- Dog

20.The largest fish:
Answer :- Whale Shark

21.The mammal that can fold its four legs in the same direction:
Answer :- Elephant

22.The number of chambers in the heart of fish:
Answer :- 2

23.Which animal give birth to the largest offspring:
Answer :- Blue Whale

24.Which fish is known as ‘Seahorse’?
Answer :- Hippocampus

25.Naja naja is the zoological name of:
Answer :- Cobra

26.Seat of memory and imagination is:
Answer :- Cerebrum

27.Snake venom is chemically........
Answer :- Protein

28.The average weight of brain in human is ....... grams.
Answer :- 1400

29.The bird which is the symbol of knowledge:
Answer :- Owl

30.The bird which is the symbol of peace:
Answer :- Dove

31.Which animal has the longest tail?
Answer :- Giraffe

32.The largest organ of human body:
Answer :- Skin

33.The minimum distance for clear vision:
Answer :- 25 cm

34.The pigment present in cone cells:
Answer :- Iodopsin

35.The pigment present in rod cells:
Answer :- Rhodopsin

36.The surgery of nose:
Answer :- Rhinoplasty

37.Which organ helps to sense smells using tounge?
Answer :- Jacobson’s organ

38.Which part of the brain controls voluntaty actions?
Answer :- Cerebrum

39.Which part of the eye has the sharpest vision?
Answer :- Yellow spot

40.Which land animal has the highest power of olefaction?
Answer :- Dog


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