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Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 352

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1.The loudest land animal: 
Answer :- Howler monkey 

2.The mammal that can hear the highest frequency: 
Answer :- Bat 

3.The number of teeth of an elephant: 
Answer :- 4 

4.The only animal in cat family that is a social animal: 
Answer :- Lion

5.The strongest mammal: 
Answer :- Elephant 

6.The symbol of World Wild Life Fund: 
Answer :- Panda 

7.Which animal has a layer of fat in its body called ‘Blubber’? 
Answer :- Blue Whale 

8.Myopia can be rectified by: 
Answer :- Concave lens 

9.The condition in which the elasticity of the eye lense reduces due to ageing is known as: 
Answer :- Presbyopia 

10. The defect due to lens of the eye became opaque: 
Answer :- Cataract 

11.The enzyme contained in tear: 
Answer :- Lyzozyme 

12.The fastest moving bird: 
Answer :- Perigrine Falcon 

13.Which organism has red sweat: 
Answer :- Hippopotamus 

14.Which organism has the largest brain in relation to body size? 
Answer :- Human 

15.Which mammal has the longest gestation period? 
Answer :- Asian Elephant

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