Ayya Vaikundar (1809-1851) - 2

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46. In 1836 Ayya Vaikundar organized a massive movement named ‘Samathva Samajam’. To propagate his concept of equality and dignity of all human beings this organization led a significant role. 

47. Watching all the social and revolutionary reforms led by Ayya Vaikundar, the high caste Hindus became angry as well as afraid. 

48. During the ‘Chariot Festival’ of Sucheendram temple Ayya Vaikundar captured the chariot thread (Kampa vadam) along with his followers and ready to pull the chariot along with the high caste. 

49. He declared that the low castes including him have the right to pull the temple chariot. This act provocated the high caste authorities. 50. When the King, Swathi Thirunal, was visiting a nearby place , they complained to him that Vaikundar was deceiving the masses in the name of God. 

51. As they had full influence over the King and the State, they convinced the King to arrest Vaikundar. 

52. The King believed the words of the high caste chieftains and consequently sent a troop to arrest Ayya Vaikundar. 

53. The troop arrested Ayya Vaikundar from Swamithoppu. Huge crowd of his followers opposed the arrest and agitated. 

54. But Ayya Vaikundar advised his followers not to be angry to the troops and to be patient. “ Let them learn who I am. I will be back to you without any harm “. 

55. Then the troop tied him with hemp ropes and drew by a horse and brought him before the King who was temporarily residing at Sucheendrum, a place about 4 miles from Swamithoppu, during 1838. 

56. Ayya was brought before the King.The King ordered to take Ayya Vaikundar to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Travancore. 

57. After that the troop brutally man-handled Ayya Vaikundar. The troop was astonished to see Ayya without any change. So they gave poisoned milk to him. Ayya drank the milk with a smile. Nothing happened to him. 

58. At Thiruvananhapuram Ayya Vaikundar was punished with imprisonment for some months and put in the jail at Singarathoppu from November 1838.During the imprisonment days he had to face different tortures. 

59. King later ordered to release Ayya Vaikundar by signing an agreement forcing him to be only the leader of the people of his caste only . But Ayya Vaikundar refused to sign such an agreement .

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