Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 326

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1. One who is a party to a crime, either as a principal or as an accessory?
Answer :- Accomplice

2. The formal judgement or decession of a court or tribunam?
Answer :- Adjudication

3. The plea that the person charges with a Crime was somewhere else when the crime was committed?
Answer :- Alibi

4. A non-party who gives evidence before the court so as to assist it with research, argument or submissions?
Answer :- Amicus Curiae (Friend of the Court)

5. An act erasing from legal memory some aspect of criminal conduct by an offiender. It is most frequently generated to groups of people in respect of political offences and is wider than a pardon, which merely relieves an offender of punishment?
Answer :- Amnesty

6. Absence of Government, absolute disorder?
Answer :- Anarchy

7. A written declaration of evidence on an oath for use as judicial proof?
Answer :- Affidavit

8. The international or reckless destruction or damaging of property by fire without a lawful excuse?
Answer :- Arson

9. Temporary suspension of war, a short true, may or may not lead to peace?
Answer :- Armistics

10. Policy of giving in to a powerful adversary, even sacrificing principales, pacifying an opponent by submitting to undue demands?
Answer :- Appeasement

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