Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 331

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1. The Financial year in India starts on ..... month?

a) 1st April
b) 1st March
c) 1st January
d) 1st October
LDC 2014

1st March

2. Which Committee's recomendations are being followed for estimating poverty line in India?

a) B.N. Srikrishna
b) MadhavGadgil
c) Fasal Ali
d) Suresh Tendulkar
LDC 2014

Suresh Tendulkar

3. National Development Council was set up in........year.

a) 1950
b) 1952
c) 1954
d) 1956
LDC 2014


4. The Union Budget is always presented first in .....?

a) Lok Sabha
b) Rajya Sabha
c) Legislative Council
d) Rashtrapati Bhavan
LDC 2014

Lok Sabha

5. The steel plants at Durgapur,Bhilai and Rourkela were established during the period of....

a) 4th Plan
b) 3rd Plan
c) 2nd Plan
d) 1st Plan
LDC 2014

2nd Plan Period

6. The theory of economic drain of India during British imperialism was pronounced by?

a) Bharat Muni
b) Dadabhai Navaroji
c) Siddendra Thakuri
d) M.N.Roy
LDC 2014

Dadabhai Navaroji

7. Steel Authority of India (SAIL) was founded in the year?

a) 1970
b) 1971
c) 1954
d) 1973
LDC 2014


8. Kelucharan Mohapatra was an exponent in .....

a) Kathakali
b) Flute
c) Odissi
d) Kuchipudi
LDC 2014


9. Who is the director of the movie : "Salaam Bombay"?

a) Mira Nair
b) Deepa Mehta
c) Shekhar Kapoor
d) Yash Chopra
LDC 2014

Mira Nair

10. Garba, a popular folk dance is associated with Indian state of

a) Punjab
b) Gujarath
c) Sikkim
d) Rajasthan
LDC 2014


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