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Co-operative Bank Examination Expected Questions - 03

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1. Which section of KCSA deals with winding up of societies?
A] 71
B] 76
C] 78
D] 45
Answer :- A] 71
Related Facts
> The winding up process of the Co-operative societies is done by Liquidator.
> According to rule 70 of the KCS Act after winding up of the Society the Liquidator has to keep all the books and records for a period of 3 years.
> The section dealing with winding up of society is Section 71.
> Liqudator for winding up of Co-operative society is appointed by The Registrar
> What is the minimum number of members to sign in an application for winding up of a Co-operative Society is 3/4 of the total number of members.
> The right to issue an order for the winding up of a Co-operative Society vests with Registrar.

2. Every appeal to Co-operative tribunal shall be in?
A] Single
B] Duplicate
C] Three copy
D] Four copy
Answer :- B] Duplicate
Related Facts
> Form for appeal memorandum to Kerala Co-operative Tribunal is Form Number 15.
> Form for application to review to Kerala Co-operative Tribunal is Form Number 16.
> Form for application for copies to tribunal is Form Number 30.
> Before whom an appeal lies against an award in an arbitration case in Co-operative Tribunal.
> Under section 82 an appeal can be filed before Tribunal against the order of the Registrar or Arbitration court .
> The Headquartesr of the Co-operative Tribunal is at Thiruvananthapuram.
> An election disputes shall be filed to Co-operative Tribunal with in One Month from the date of election.
> Before Co-operative Tribunal an appeal lies against an award in an arbitration case.
> Appeal can be filed before Tribunal within 60 days from the date of Award/ Decision/ Order.
> The Tribunal is established with a single judge in the range of District Judge.
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