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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Kerala PSC Examination Expected Questions - 313

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1.  A small quantity of a complex mixture of two compounds can be separated by?
Answer :- Paper chromatography

2. Chemically white spirit is ?
Answer :- a mixture of petroleum hydrocarbon

3. Alloy in which mercury is one of the metals are called?
Answer :- Amalgams

4. Which elements has the symbol 'Hg'?
Answer :- Mercury

5. The element which are used to make safety fuse?
Answer :- Tin and Lead

6. Which gas is used in coloured display sign boards ?
Answer :- Neon

7.  The force of attraction between like molecules is?
Answer :- Cohesion

8. Hard water does not later well with soap because?
Answer :- it contains carbonates of calcium and magnesium

9. Gasoline is obtained from crude oil by the process of?
Answer :- Fractional distillation

10. During fermentation of sugar, the chief compound always formed is?
Answer :- Ethyl alcohol

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