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Co-operative Bank Examination Expected Questions - 02

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1. Income and expenditure account is a
Answer :- Nominal Account

2. Where there is oversubscription, allotment of share is usually done on........ basis
Answer :- Pro-rata

3. The difference between standard cost and actual cost is known as
Answer :- Variance

4. Depletion method of depreciation is used in
Answer:- Mines and Quarries

5. Name the author of the book Suma de Arithmetica
Answer :- Luca Paciolli

6. Mortgage is a term used with
Answer:- Fixed assets

7.  Income tax Authorities accept
Answer :- Diminishing Balance Method

8. There are ....... types of Account
Answer :- Three

9. Current account is opened by
Answer :- Businessman

10. What is the full form of NPA
Answer :- Non Performing Asset
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