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31. Jawaharlal Nehru met Gandhiji for the first time at the Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress held in the year?
Answer :- 1916

32. Subash Chandra Bose became the President of Indian National Congress for the first time in?
Answer :- 1938

33. The journal 'Al Hilal' and 'Al Balal' were launched by?
Answer :- Abdul Kalam Azad

34. The Prime Minister of India when India celebrated the golden jubilee of its independence?
Answer :- I.K.Gujral

35. What was the post held by Gandhiji in Natal Indian Congress in South Africa?

Answer :- Honorary Secretary

36. Who authored Gandhiji's favourate prayer 'Vaishnava Janatho'?
Answer :- Narasimha Mehta

37. Who became the acting Prime Minister of India after Jawaharlal Nehru?
Answer :- Gulsarilal Nanda

38. Who formed the Widow Remarriage Association in Poona?
Answer :- Dhondo Keshav Karve

39. Who wrote 'India Divided'?
Answer :- Dr.Rajendraprasad

40. Who is known as the father of Indian Politics and Economics?

Answer :- Dadhabahi Navroji
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