Monday, 6 April 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 302

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1. In which year Indian National Congress approved the Basic Education System propounded by Gandhiji?
Answer :- 1938

2. In which year was the Champaran Satyagraha?
Answer :- 1917

3. Name the Governor General who introduced Doctrine of Lapse?
Answer :- Dalhousie

4. The first Viceroy of India?
Answer :- Lord Canning

5. The first Women President of the Indian National Congress?
Answer :- Annie Besant

6. The town bombarded by Vasoc da Gama during his second visit as the local ruler refused to expel muslim traders from there?
Answer :- Kozhikode

7. Who repealed the Vernacular Press Act?
Answer :- Lord Ripon

8. Who was the Viceroy when Indian Penal Code was brought into effect?
Answer :- Lord Canning

9. Who was the Viceroy when Queen Victoria was declared as the Empress of Indian in 1877?
Answer :- Lytton

10. In India, the death anniversary of Gandhiji is observed as?
Answer :- Martyrs Day

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