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Name and Meaning of States

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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 302

Andhra Pradesh :- Land of Andhras
Assam :- Unequalled, Peerless or Uneven
Bihar :- From Vihara (Buddhist Monastery)
Chattisgrah :- Thirty-six forts
Gujarath :- Land of the 'Gurjars'
Harayana :- Abode of God
Himachal Pradesh :- Land of the snow clad mountains

Jammu and Kashmir :- Land desiccated by water From Sanskrit Ka (Water) and Shimeera (to desiccate)
Jharkhand :- Land of Jhari Jhari means short bushes

Karnataka :- Lofty Land
Kerala :- Land of the coconut trees
Madhya Pradeh :- Middle Province
Maharashtra :- Great State
Manipur :- Jeweled Land
Mizoram :- Land of the highlanders; 'Mi' means people and 'zo' means highlander
Meghalaya :- The abode of clouds
Nagaland :- Land of the Nagas
Odisha :- Land of Oriyas
Punjab :- Land of five Rivers
Sikkim :- New Palace
Rajasthan :- Land of Kings
Tamil Nadu :- Tamil country
Uttar Pradesh :- Northern Province
West Bengal :- Land of the Bengalis

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