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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 296

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  1. A magnetic thermometer is used to measure temperature very near to absolute zero, it works on the principle of Curie's law.
  2. Skating on ice is possible due to the phenomenon of regelation.
  3. The device used to measure the boiling point of a liquid is Hypsometer.
  4. The first planned industrial city in India is Jamshedpur.
  5. John Graund is known as the Father of Demography.
  6. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the major producers of Tobacco in India.
  7. Manikaran is the biggest hot spring in India.
  8. Heviest sub atomic particle is neutron and the lighest particle is electron.
  9. Nuclear particle with mass of an electron but with opposite charge is positron.
  10. Antipartile of a proton with same mass is Antiproton.

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A hypsometer is an instrument for measuring height or altitude

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