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  1. M.Nagaswara Rao is the project director of IRNSS India's first navigation satellite.
  2. Kottappuram fort is located in Thrissur built by Portuguese.
  3. Hutti gold mines are located in the Raichur district of Karnataka.
  4. Any particle made up of quarks and gluons are called a hadrons.
  5. The pure Bose Einstein Condensate was first created by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman.
  6. The unit of Catalytic activity is Katal (Kat).
  7. The colour used in scientific laboratory for indicating danger is yellow.
  8. Light scattering by the particles in a colloid is known as Tyndal scattering.
  9. Tourmaline is a natural polarising material.
  10. MASER is Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation was discovered by Charles.H.Towns.


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