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1. K.Kelappan (Koyappalli Kelappan Nair) was born on 1889 August 24 at Muchukunnu in Modadi, Kozhikkode.
2. K.Kelappan is popularly known as Kerala Gandhi.
3. K.Kelappan was a social reformer, an Indian freedom fighter, educationalist and journalist.
4. He worked hard for education of untouchability and worked for upliftment of lower castes.
5. He setup many Harijan schools and hostels in Kerala.
6. He was the founding President of Nair Service Society.
7. He was considered as the first Styagrahi from Kerala to participate in the individual Satyagraha movement launched by Gandhiji.

8. He gave the lead to the Payannuur and Calicut salt Satyagraha.
9. He played a dominent role in the famous Vaikom Satyagraha and was the leader of the Guruvayur Satyagraha.
10. K.Kelappan was the secretary of Guruvayur Satyagraha Committee.
11. It was at Gandhiji's request that he ended his fast at Guruvayur.
12. He was jailed by several times during the Indian freedom movement including the Quit India Movement.
13. He was the KPCC president at the time of Indian Independence.

14. After Independence he left congress and joined the Kisan Mazdoor Praja Party and was elected to Parliament from Ponnani Loksabha seat in 1952.
15. He concentrated in Sarvodaya activities and Bhoodan Movement in Kerala in later life.
16. He was the president of almost all major Gandhiyan organisations like Kerala Sarvodaya Sangh, Kerala Gandhi Samarak Nidhi, Kerala Sarvodaya Mandal and Gandhi Peace Foundation.
17. He helped in starting 'Mathrubhoomi' and was its editor for a number of years.
18. He also led a peaceful Satyagraha in Angadippuram Temple near Perinthalmanna.

19. K.Kelappan died on 7th October 1971.
20. Indian postal department published a commemorate postal stamp of K.Kelappan on 24th August 1990.  

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