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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 276

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  1.  The real name of Thycadu Ayya is Subbarayan.
  2. Sahodaran Ayyappan was the founder editor of Magazines Yukthivadi and Vidyaposhini.
  3. First edito of Swadeshabhimani is C.P.Govinda Pillai
  4. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai wrote the first book on Malayalam journalism Vrithantha Patrika Pravarthanam.
  5. Planet Venus is known as 'Pet of the Sun'.
  6. Indian Civil Service was introduced during the period of Lord Dalhousie.
  7. Indian opinion is the periodical published by Mahathma Gandhi during his stay in South Africa.
  8. Local Government Ombudsman can be removed by Legislative Assembly.
  9. Konica Cup is associated with Chess.
  10. The only women to hold the post of Finance Minister in India is Indira Gandhi. 

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konica cup is associated with football in Japan & badminton in India

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