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Thursday, 5 February 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 266

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1. Which social reform organisation's clarion called was 'Awake remember the creator, Arise and fight against injustice'? 
Answer :- Atma Vidya Sangham

2. Inter caste marriage and interdining organized by which organisation was known as Preethivivaha and Preethibhojana?
Answer :- Atma Vidya Sangham

3. Which social reformer established the Uralunkal Labour Contract Socier=ty to give economic security to the weaker sectors?
Answer :- Vagbhatananda

4. Who founded the Sidha Samajam at Badagara in 1920?
Answer :- Swami Sivananda Praamahamsa

5. Who established 'Ananda Yogasalas' for the practising and popularising Raja Yoga?
Answer :- Brahmananad Shivayogi

6. Who wrote the book 'Vigraharaadhana Kandhanam' to oppose the practice idol worship in temples?
Answer :- Brahmananda Shivayogi

7. Who established the new religion called 'Anandamatham'?
Answer :- Brahmananda Shivayogi

8. Which social reformer ridiculed the sages who live in the forest with long hair and beard and also the wandering saffron-clad ascetics who do it for the needs of their bowels(Udaranimitham)?
Answer :- Brahmananda Shivayogi

9. Who was the author of the work 'Daivadasakam'?
Answer :- Sree Narayana Guru

10. In which year Sree Narayana Guru held an All Religious Conference? Answer :- 1924


  1. sir please tell who has given the title "Mahatma" to Gandhiji


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