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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 265

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1. Who founded Sidhashramam at Alathur?
Answer :- Brahmananda Shivayogi

2. Which journal was published in 1921 by the Athmavidya Sangham?
Answer :- Abhinava Keralam

3. Who called Kunhikannan Gurukkal 'Vagbhatananda' in praise of his capacity of eloquence and scholarship?
Answer :- Brahmananda Shivayogi

4. Who fought against the social evils of 'Ettu and Mattu'?
Answer :- Vagbhatananda

5. Who opened the 'Thattwa Prakashika Ashramam' as the first and last resort of education to untocuhable caste members who were interested in Sanskrit learning?
Answer :- Vagbhatananda

6. Who is the author of 'Adhyatma Yuddham or Anandadarsa Praduamsanam'?
Answer :- Vagbhatananada

7. In which year Vagbhatananda founded Atma Vidya Sangham?
Answer :- 1917

8. Which social reformer of Kerala is credited with linking caste and religious reforation with that of nationalist movement?
Answer :- Vagbhatananda

9. Which social reformer led campaign against social evils like untouchability in the Azhikode region of Kannur District?
Answer :- Vayath Swami

10. Who established 'Ananda Yogasalas' for the practicing and popularising Raja Yoga'? Answer :- Brahmananda Shivayogi


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