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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 261

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1. Universal Adult Franchise creates?
Answer :- Political equality

2. In Union Territories, the Chief Minister is appointed by?
Answer :- Lt.Governor

3. It is mandatory of the police to take an arrested person before the nearest magistrate within .... hours?
Answer :- 24

4. 'The Right to Public Office' is a?
Answer :- Civil Right

5. The law made by Judiciary is known as?

Answer :- Case law

6. The side of pedestrians on the road?
Answer :- Right

7. Which statement is correct with regard to the structure of Union Government?
Answer :- It is federal in peace time and unitary in emergency

8. When a Bill passed by the Parliament is submitted to the President?
Answer :-he may return it only once for reconsideration

9. The maximum duration for which the Vice President may officiate as the President of India?
Answer :- 6 Months

10. In Parliamentary Government, ministers remain in office so long as they enjoy?

Answer :- Confidence of the popular chamber of legislature

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