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Sunday, 25 January 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 254

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1. Which Article is known as the 'Heart and Soul of Constitution'?
Answer :- Article 32 (Right to Constitutional Remedies)

2. The oldest and shortest written Constitution in the world is that of?
Answer :- USA

3. India borrowed the idea of Republic from the Constitution of ?
Answer :- France

4. The term of Vice President of India is ..... years?

Answer :- 5

5. The power to proclaim emergency rests with?
Answer :-  The President of India

6. The first person to become Indian Prime Minister without being a Member of Parliament was?
Answer :- Charan Singh

7. The first State to introduced Panchayati raj was?
Answer :- Rajasthan

8. USA and Russia are seperated by ..... strait? 
Answer :-  Berring 

9. manihot Esculenta is the scientific name of?
Answer :- Tapioca

10.  The method of cultivating plants without using soil, but nutrient solution is known as?
Answer :- Hydroponics


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