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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 253

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1. The first Union Health Minister of India who served as the Secretary of Mahathma Gandhi in Wardha Monastery?
Answer :- Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

2. The term 'Third World' refers to?
Answer :- Developing Countries

3. Which of the following indicates prompted Vinobha Bhave to initiate the Bhoodan Movement?
( Nalgonda incident, Srikakulam incident, Naxalbari incident, Madhubani incident)
Answer :- nalgonda incident

4. The Defense Minister who resigned the post following an attack on the north eastern border of India by China in 1962?
Answer :- V.K.Krishna Menon

5. Protection of Human Rights Act came into force in?

Answer :- 1993 September 28

6. The National Agency for controlling Teacher Education Institutes in India?
Answer :- NCTE

7. In which year National Commission for Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes was formed?
Answer :- 1992

8. The socialist leader who was the exponent of 'total rebellion'?
Answer :- Jayaprakash Narayanan

9. The political party established by Medha Patkar?
Answer :- People's Political Front

10. The person of Indian origin who killed in the collapse of Columbia Space shuttle?

Answer :- Kalpana Chawla

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