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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 251

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1. The 'Voice of India' published extracts from Indian Press. It was started by? 
Answer :- Dadabhai Navroji

2. In which year Numismatic Society of India was established at Allahabad?
Answer :- 1910

3. Madras Mahajana Sabha was established in?
Answer :- 1884

4. The Indian association was established in 1876 in?
Answer :- Culcutta

5. Who introduced Ryotwari system in Madras?

Answer :- Thomas Monroe

6. The seat of Holkar was?
Answer :- Indor

7. The Maratha Chief, Sambaji was executed during the reign of?
Answer :- Aurangazeb

8. Who amoung the following is related to Tirunelveli Conspiracy Case?
(Vanchi Iyer, T.K.Madhavan, E.V.Ramaswami Naiker, G.S.Iyer)
Answer :- Vanchi Iyer

9. M.A.O College later became?
Answer :- Aligarh Muslim University

10. The symbol of 1857 revolt?

Answer :- Lotus and Bread

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