PSC Examination Expected Questions - 251

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1. Which dynasty built the Sun Temple at Konark?
Answer :- Gangas

2. The famous Sanskrit poet Rajsekhar lived in the court of .... dynasty?
Answer :- Pratiharas

3. The most powerful ruler of Prathihara dynasty?
Answer :-  Mihir Bhoj I

4. The Capital of Solanky dynasty was?
Answer :- Anhilwara

5. The founder of the Sena Dynasty?

Answer :- Samanta Sena

6. The founder of Saluva dynasty?
Answer :- Narasimha

7. Krishna Deva Raya ascended the throne in .... and passed away in 1529.
Answer :- 1509

8. Krishna Deva Raya wrote Amuktamalyada in?
Answer :- Telungu

9. Which was written by Krishna Deva Raya?
(Malathimadhavam, Kadambari, Ushaparinayam, Mathavilasaprahasanam)
Answer :-  Ushaparinayam

10. The city built by Krishna Deva Raya?

Answer :- Nagalpura
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