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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 246

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1. In which area does the Sabarmati rise?
Answer :- Aravallis

2. Which area in India gets the summer monsoon first?
Answer :- The Western Ghats

3. Which one of the following joins the Ganga from the south?
(Gomati, Gandak, Teesta, Sone)
Answer :- Sone

4. Which one is a land locked state?
Answer :- Bihar

5. Of which major river system does Teesta forms a major part?

Answer :- Brahmaputra

6. During the period of South-West Monsoon, Tamil Nadu remains dry because?
Answer :- it lies in the rain shadow area

7. Which river flows between the Satpuraa and the Vindhyas?
Answer :- Narmada

8. Rajasthan receives very little rain because?
Answer :- the winds do not come across any barrier to cause the necessary uplift to cool the winds

9. The Aravallis fail to cause orographic precipitation in Rajasthan because?
Answer :- they lie parallel to the direction of the wind

10. When are the temperatures the highest in Southern India?

Answer :- April

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