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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 243

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1. Venus is the goddess of .... in Roman mythology?
Answer :- Love and Beauty

2. The Greek equivalent of Venus?
Answer :- Aphrodite

3. Which planet is known as 'Evening Star'?
Answer :- Venus

4. The nearest celestial body to earth?
Answer :- Moon

5.. Which is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere of Venus?

Answer :- Carbon Dioxide

6. Which planet is experienced the highest temperature variation?
Answer :- Mercury

7. Which planet has the lowest escape velosity?
Answer :- Mercury

8. Which planet has the highest escape velosity?
Answer :- Jupiter

9. NASA sent Messenger in 2004 to study about?
Answer :- Mercury

10. The messenger in Roman Mythology?

Answer :- Mercury


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