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Sunday, 11 January 2015

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 241

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1. Which is called 'Wonder Nut'?
Answer :- Cashew Nut

2.Which is the only edible orchid?
Answer :- Vanila

3. Which enzyme in Pineapple enhances digestion?
Answer :- Bromelain

4. Which plant is called 'The Mother of Herbs'?
Answer :- Coleus aromaticus

5. Which plant has the largest unbranched inflorescence?

Answer :- Amorphophallus titanum

6. Which disease is identified by Benedict's test?
Answer :- Diabetes

7. Carcinoma is the cancer of?
Answer :- Skin

8. What is known as 'Gull's disease'?
Answer :- Myxodema

9. The disease in which RBC's are seen in the shape of sickle?
Answer :- Sickle Cell Aneaemia

10. Disease caused by Treponema palledium?

Answer :- Syphilis


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