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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 236

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1. The Colour of star depends upon its?

Answer :-surface temperature

2. 'Diamond Ring' is associated with?
Answer :- Solar eclips

3. Magnetic field of electric current was discovered by?
Answer :- Oersted

4. The first space vehicle to land on Mars was?
Answer :- Pathfinder

5. 140 degree Fahrenheit when converted into centigrade will?

Answer :- 60 degree celcious

6. The energey possessed by the water collected in the reservoir of a dam?
Answer :- Potential Energy

7. Is there a stone which can float on water?
Answer :- yes, Pumice stone

8. A device that measures the intensity of radiation is?
Answer :- Actino Meter

9. Sound waves cannot travel in?
Answer :- Vacuum

10. The first winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics?

Answer :- Roentgen

11. The scientist who discovered thet the earth revolves round the Sun?
Answer :- Coppernicus

12. It is difficult to work on ice because of?
Answer :- Absence of friction

13. Which colour of light travels most slowly through glass?
Answer :- Violet

14. Reason for tungsten used as the filament in a lamp?
Answer :- High melting point

15. A rocket works on the principle of conservation of?
Answer :- Linear momentum

16. Europa is the Satellite of?
Answer :- Jupiter

17. The energy that travel through a telephone line is?
Answer :- Electric energy

18. Spring balance is used to measure?
Answer :- Weight

19. Atom bomb is based on?
Answer :- Nuclear Fission

20. The image formed on the retina of the human eye is?
Answer :- Real and inverted
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