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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 233

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1. The Article that provides the Parliament, power to amend the Constitution
a] 370
b] 312
c] 368
d] 390
Answer :- 368

2.  The President of India can declare Emergency if there is ?
a] War
b] Failure of Constitutional machinery
c] Financial instability
d] any of these three
Answer :- any of these three

3. Indian Constitution adopted the principle of suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency from?
a] Canada
b] South Africa
c] Ireland
d] Germany
Answer :- Germany
4. The 52nd Constitutional amendment of 1985 deals with?
a] Voting age
b] Anti dowry law
c] Anti defection law
d] Panchayath Raj
Answer :-  Anti defection law

5. The Constitutional amendment which made 'Right to Education' a Fundamental Right.

a] 93rd
b] 86th
c] 26th
d] 23rd
Answer :- 86th
6. Which amendment of the Constitution removed the 'Right to Property' from the list of Fundamental Rights?
a] 42
b] 43
c] 44
d] 45
Answer :- 44

7. The Gandhian principles have been enumerated in the...........
a] Fundamental Rights
b] Preamble
c] Directive Principles of State Policies
d] Fundamental Duties
Answer :- Directive Principles of State Policies
8. The Indian Constitution is regaded as........

a] Federal
b] Unitary
c] Parliamentary
d] Federal in form and Unitary in spirit
Answer :-  Federal in form and Unitary in spirit
9. The National Commission for Schedule Cast and Schedule Tribe came into existence as per .......... amendment.
a] 65
b] 42
c] 66
d] 93
Answer :- 65
10. The Lok Sabha can be dissolved by?
a] The Speaker
b] The President
c] The Vice-President
d] The Prime Minister
Answer :-  The President

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