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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 231

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1. Who was the only British Viceroy to be assasinated by an Indian?
a] Lord Elgin
b] Lord Mayo
c] Lord North Brooke
d] Lord Curzon

2. Julian Assange was the founder of;
a]  Wikipedia
b]  Yahoo
c]  Wiki Leaks
d]  Google

3. 'Operation Green Hunt' was the offensive against?
a]  LTTE
b]  Pak intruders in Kashmir
c]  Terriorist in Mumbai
d]  Naxalites
4. The National Green Tribunal was launched in?
a] 19 October 2011
b]  21 November 2010
c]  17 August 2012
d]  5 June 2011
5. What is the number of the Deputy Governors in the  administrative wing of Reserve Bank of India?
a]  4
b]  3
c]  6
d]  5
6. Which nationalised bank has the slogan 'Bankers to Every Indian'?

a] Union Bank of India
b]  Vijaya Bank
c]  State Bank of India
d]  State Bank of Travancore
7. Who was killed in the US operation known as Geronimo?
a]  Saddam Hussain
b]  Osama Bin Laden
c]  Gaddafi
d]  Mullah Omar
8. Who was the author of 'Growing up Bin Laden'?
a]  Arundhati Roy
b]  Amitav Ghosh
c]  Jean Seasson
d]  Wajahat Habibullah
9. Which was the venue of the meeting of world's least developed countries in May 2011?
a]  Adis Ababa
b]  Kampala
c]  Sana
d]  Istanbul
10. Who was the chairman of the Committee appointed by the Government of India  to analyse all the aspects in relation with the organisation, structure, function and procedure of the financial system?

a]  Vijay Kelkar
b]  C Rangarajan
c]  Narasimhan
d] Ashok Mehta
1. b
2. c
3. d
4. a
5. a
6. c
7. b
8. c
9. d
10. c

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