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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 230

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1. How many Rajya Sabha seats are there from Kerala?
Answer :- 9

2. Indian Citizenship can be acquired by?
Answer :- Birth, Descent, Registration and Naturalisation

3. The Planning Commission of India is?
Answer :- An advisory body

4. Government policy regarding taxation is?
Answer :- Fiscal policy

5. Right to property is a ?
Answer :- Legal Right

6. Minimum age limit for becoming a member of Rajya Sabha is?
Answer :- 30

7.Before the Independence Ukraine was part of?
Answer :- USSR

8. The main source of Nation's strength is?
Answer :- Human Strength

9. Lakshadweep consists of how many islands?
Answer :- 36

10. United Nations University is located at?
Answer :- Tokyo

11. What is Zero hour?
Answer :-  When matters of utmost importance are raised

12. Where was Karl Max bone?
Answer :- Germany

13. "Give us good mother and I shall give you good nation"These words were said by?
Answer :- Nepolean

14. Which country outside India give Indians as the majority of its population?
Answer :- Fiji

15. The Chairman of State Planning Board is?
Answer :- Chief Minister

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