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Neighboring Countries :- Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic
Geographical Coordinates :- 47 20 N, 13 20 E
Geographical Location :-  Central Europe,
Main Cities :-  Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck
Official Name :- Republic of Austria (Republic of Osterreich)
Capital :- Vienna
Currency :- Euro
Independence :- 12 November 1918 (Republic proclaimed)
Area :- 83,858 Sq.Km
Population :- 8,221,646

HDI [Human Development Index] :- 18
Literacy:- 98%
Life Expectancy:- 80.24
Language :- German
National Anthem :- Landder Berge, Land am Strome
Government Type :- Federal Republic


Austria is no longer dominant political force it was in Central Europe under the first hapsburg dynasty which ruled until the first World War. A republic since 1918, Austria, which was invaded by Nazi Germany in 1938, regained full sovereignty in 1955. Austria is a federal state of 9 provinces. Austria joined the EU on January1st 1995.
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