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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 221

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1. The first vice president of U.S.A.:
(a) Thomas Jefferson 

(b) James Madison
(c) John Adams
(d) George Washington
2. Lolitha is written by:
(a) Maxim Gorkey 

(b) Leo Tolstoy
(c) Ivan Turganev 

(d) Vladimir Nabokov
3. Who is the father of optical fiber:
(a) Narinder Singh Kapany 

(b) Roentgen
(c) Charles Goodyear 

(d) Graham Bell
4. Who wrote the novel ‘City of Joy’:
(a) Dominique Lapierre 

(b) Larry Collins
(c) Rolland Joffe
(d) Dominique Lapierre & Larry Collins
5. Simon Bolivar was born in:
(a) Peru
(b) Bolivia
(c) Colombia
(d) Venezuela

6. The oldest regiment of Indian Army:
(a) Jat Regiment

(b) Punjab Regiment
(c) Maratha Regiment 

(d) Madras Regiment
7. Who represented parsi community in the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?
(a) Franc Antony
(b) H.P.Modi
(c) Badruddin Tyabji 

(d) None of these
8. German Measles is also known as:
(a) Rubella
(b) Anthrax
(c) Addison’s disease 

(d) None of these
9. The original name of Tulsidas?
(a) Mahesh Das
(b) Ram Bola
(c) Ramachandra Panduranga
(d) Ramtanu Pandey
10. The last confinement of Gandhiji was in:
(a) Yervada Jail
(b) Aga Khan Palace
(c) Thihar Jail
(d) None of these
11. Number of countries bordering China:
(a) 14 

(b) 19 
(c) 21 
(d) 9
12. A narrow ‘V’ shaped valley is referred to as:
(a) Glacier 

(b) Meander
(c) Gorge 
(d) Dune
13. The Indus valley site Sutkagender is in:
(a) Gujarat 

(b) Punjab
(c) Rajastan 
(d) Pakistan
14. Victoria Falls is in the river:
(a) Nile 

(b) Zambezi 
(c) Amazon 
(d) Congo
15. Who issued the first everlong inscription in chaste Sanskrit?
(a) Rudradama
(b) Asoka
(c) Kanishka
(d) Harsha
16. The Parthian ruler when St.Thomas came to India:
(a) Gondophernes 

(b) Kadphises
(c) Rudradama
(d) Kanishka
17. The Deputy Prime Minister in India usually holds key portfolios like:
(a) Home, Finance
(b) External Affairs, Education
(c) Education, Defence 

(d) Industry,Railway
18. India’s external intelligence agency:
(a) Intelligence Bureau
(b) Research and Analysis Wing
(c) C.B.I.
(d) N.S.G.
19. The most populous island in India:
(a) Majuli
(b) Kavarati
(c) Salsette
(d) Middle Andaman
20. There is approximately ....... number of districts in India:
(a) 600 

(b) 500 
(c) 700 
(d) 800

21. Bakhtar is the news agency of:
(a) Pakistan
(b) Malaysia
(c) Japan
(d) Afghanistan
22. Where one can see ‘Amar Jawan Jyothi’?
(a) Red Fort
(b) Gateway of India
(c) India Gate
(d) Jallianwalla Bagh
23. Who wrote ‘Gift to Monotheists’:
(a) Mahathma Gandhi
(b) Raja Ram Mohun Roy
(c) Annie Besant
(d) Bhagat Singh

24. The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is normally:
(a) Finance Minister 

(b) Speaker
(c) Chief Minister 

(d) Leader of the Opposition
25. Ramnath Goenka was the founder chairman of:
(a) The Hindu
(b) Pioneer

(c) Indian Express 
(d) Times of India
1 (c) 2(d) 3 (a) 4 (a) 5(d) 6(d) 7(b) 8(a) 9(b) 10(b) 11(a) 12(c) 13(d) 14(b) 15(a) 16(a) 17(a) 18(b) 19(c) 20(a) 21(d) 22(c) 23(b) 24(d) 25(c)

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