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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 216

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1. Who authored 'Mathavilasaprahasanam'?
Answer :- Mahendravarman I

2. Which event in Buddha's life is symbolised by Stupa?
Answer :- Mahaparinirvana

Do you Know ? :- The hotest part of the gas flame is known as ? 

3. Who wrote 'Essays on Gita' and 'Life Divine'?
Answer :-Aurobindo Ghosh

4. The Mauryan emperor who gave attention to Municipal administration?
Answer :- Chandragupta Maurya

5. The Viceroy when Rowlatt Act was passed?
Answer :- Lord Chelmsford

Do you Know ? :- First woman Legislative Assembly Member of Kerala

6. Who led Adi Brahma Samaj after schism in Brahma Samaj?
Answer :- Dbendranath Tagore

7. Who launched the journal 'Pakhtoon'?
Answer :- Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

8. Whom the British called 'The Father of Indian Unrest'?
Answer :- Bal Gangadhar Thilak

Do you Know ? :- Insufficient blood supply in human body is referred as?

9. In 1878, some of the followers left the organisation led by Keshav Chandra Sen and formed new organisation named Sadharana Brahma Samaj. Who among the following was the leader of it?
Answer :- Anand Mohan Bose

10. The author of 'Unhappy India'?
Answer :- Lal Lajpath Rai 

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