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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 209

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1. The atmosphere is held to the Earth by?
Answer :- Gravitational Force

2. Which is the main constituent gas of the atmosphere?
Answer :- Nitrogen (78.08%)

3. The main source of energy for the Earth is?
Answer :-Sun

4. At which time the maximum temperature of the atmosphere is felt?
Answer :-  about 2 Pm

5. The manimum temperature of a day is recorded at ?
Answer :- 5 Am

6. The atmospheric layesr close to the Earth's surface is?
Answer :-Troposphere

7. What is the height of Troposphere at the Poles?
Answer :-  about 8 Kms

8. The height of the Troposphere at the Equator is up to how many Kms?
Answer :- 17 Kms

9. In which layer of the atmosphere is the most turbulent air is found?
Answer :-Troposphere

10. Almost all weather phenomena occurs on?
Answer :-  Troposphere

11. The Ozone layers is found in the ___ layer of atmosphere?
Answer :-Stratosphere

12. The phenomena like clouds, rain, snow, thunderstoms etc.. are found only in?
Answer :-  Troposphere

13. The earth is protected from the dangerous ultraviolet rays by?
Answer :-Ozone Layers

14. The atmospheric layer most situated for the jet planes is ?
Answer :-Stratosphere

15. The atmospheric layer that extends from 50 Kms to 80 Kms above the Earth's surface is?
Answer :- Mesosphere

16. Which is the most important greenhouse gas?
Answer :- Carbon dioxide

17. What is often regards as the boundary between atmosphere and outer space?
Answer :- Karman Line

18. The most abundant noble gas in the Earth's atmosphere is?
Answer :- Argon

19. In which layer of the atmosphere did the International Space Station orbits?
Answer :- Thermosphere

20. In which layer of the atmosphere does most meteors burn upon entering the atmosphere?
Answer :- Mesosphere


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