Kerala PSC LP/UP School Assistant Expected Questions - 06

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Questions 1 - 7 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

Trees are the best friends of man, for they provide him protection from harshness of nature, be it rains or sunlight. Trees have their historic, scientific,
medical and religious uses. When an apple fell on Isaac Newton’s head, it lead to the discovery of gravitation, helping the invention of aircraft. Over two millennia ago, Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya.
A descendant of the same tree at the same spot attracts millions of pilgrims and tourists every year. The Forest Research Institute at Dehradun, which has a unique museum of trees, was an instrumental in preserving the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya. Similarly, the Botanical Garden in Kolkata has one of the oldest and largest banyan tree in India. It also has a unique palm tree that gives its first crop only at the age of 120. Such trees are part of the environmental heritage of the country and need to be protected form hazards, natural or otherwise. The Indian
National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage’s (INTACH) plan to catalogue and preserve all heritage trees needs to be welcomed. The programme will give a boost to environmental tourism and increase our understanding of the role, trees have played in the evolution of civilization.

1. The main focus of the passage is :
(A) Trees protect man from the harshness from nature
(B) Trees have historic, medical and religious uses
(C) Trees led to the discovery of the theory of gravitation
(D) Need to protect heritage trees

2. One of the unique palm trees that gives its first crop only at the age of 120 is in :
(A) The Forest Research Institute at Dehradun
(B) The Botanical Garden in Kolkata
(C) Bodhgaya
(D) The Botanical Garden in Ootty

3. Which among the following make the Forest Research Institute at Dehradun
(A) Unique museum of Trees
(B) Oldest and largest Banyan trees
(C) Unique palm trees
(D) Helped the invention of aircraft

4. The word used as synonym for the word “Peril” in the passage :
(A) Harshness
(B) Hazards
(C) Heritage
(D) Historic

5. A pilgrim centre mentioned in the passage is at :
(A) Kolkata
(B) Bodhi
(C) Dehradun
(D) Bodhgaya

6. While dealing with the above passage in the class, one among the following
activity is NOT helpful for language generation.
(A) Students are asked to write this passage five times
(B) Essay competition on protecting trees
(C) Debate on cutting trees
(D) Listen to world famous speeches on environment

7. A branch of study that deals with plants and trees.
(A) Archeology
(B) Botany
(C) Geography
(D) Environmental Science

Questions 8 - 20 Choose the right answer out of the options given :

8. He scarcely ate anything, ............ ?
(A) did he ?
(B) doesn’t he ?
(C) didn’t he ?
(D) does he ?

9. ‘Bullocks are useful animals’ .- Singular form of this sentence is :
(A) A bullock is a useful animal

(B) A bull is a useful
(C) Bullocks are useful animal 

(D) Any bullocks is useful animal

10. Pick out the correct sentence :
(A) I had been writing letters since all the morning
(B) I wrote letters all the morning
(C) I have written letters all the morning
(D) I have been writing letters all the morning

11. A little boy was walking ______ her.
(A) together
(B) across
(C) beside
(D) besides

12. Each men and each woman has a vote.
(A) The above sentence is wrong
(B) The above sentence is right
(C) The above sentence is partially right
(D) The above sentence is partially wrong

13. Only a few members ________ for the examination.

(A) turned down 
(B) turned up
(C) turned out

(D) turned in

14. Futurity is expressed in the following sentence.
(A) The former president had visited our state
(B) The former president has arrived
(C) The former president arrives
(D) The former president arrived

15. Pinky always writes ‘dad’ instead of ‘bad’. The teacher identified this problem as :

(A) Dislexia
(B) Disgraphia
(C) Discalculia
(D) Anomia

16. One of the best teaching learning strategies for the standard I and II English class is :
(A) Long lectures
(B) Seminar presentation
(C) Narration
(D) Symposium

17. What strategy will you adopt if you want your learners to produce a good notice?

(A) Supply a variety of notices in groups for analysis
(B) Dictate them the notice intended to get
(C) Ask them to copy from the leader
(D) Ask them to learn byheart the sentences for the notice

18. Which type of continuous assessment is inculcating interpersonal intelligence
among co-learners?
(A) Self assessment
(B) Peer assessment
(C) Teacher assessment
(D) Parent assessment

19. Pick out the wrong statement on the basis of theory of learning :
(A) Remedial teaching increases the slow learners
(B) Over crowded classrooms create slow learners
(C) Social and economic backwardness of the parents produce slow learners
(D) Ill health makes one a slow learner

20. One among the following DOES NOT express suggestion :
(A) Let’s drink a cup of tea?
(B) Shall we go to the beach?
(C) How about going for a drive? (D) May I take your note book?

21. The one which is a feature of ‘learning’ when compared with ‘acquisition’ :
(A) Conscious
(B) Flexible
(C) Informal
(D) Whole learning

22. “English is a library language” which among the following explains the meaning
of this statement :
(A) Voluminous reference books are in English language
(B) Stock register in libraries are in English language
(C) Librarians speak English
(D) Labels on books in libraries are in English language

23. ‘Need based vocabulary development’ believes in .....
(A) Pre-teaching of vocabulary
(B) Post-teaching of vocabulary
(C) On-demand supply of vocabulary
(D) No teaching of vocabulary at all

24. Which one is NOT an objective of “teacher version” in a constructivist class
(A) Comparision of own attempt with that of teachers
(B) Refinement of own attempt
(C) Showing next higher level of performance
(D) Substitute for learner attempt

25. What is expansion of ZPD as stated in Vygotsky’s theory on construction of
(A) Zone of Proximal Design
(B) Zone of Proximal Department
(C) Zone of Proximal Development 

(D) Zone of Proximal Derivative

26. ‘The mental universe of an English speaker may be completely different from
that of a chinese speaker, because they happened to speak different language’s.-
What hypothesis of language is discussed in this statement?
(A) External stimulus - response
(B) Thought - text
(C) Filling - in process - construction process
(D) Input - Output

27. The feature that is NOT related to spontaneous response in face to face
(A) Prompt response
(B) Sudden response
(C) Speedy response
(D) Structured response

28. ‘Mr. Raman have a dictionary’. What category of error is underlined?
(A) Synthetic
(B) Morphological
(C) Related to punctuation
(D) Phonological

29. We don’t go to school ____ sundays.
(A) in
(B) on
(C) under
(D) at

30. ‘Yesterday I was late to bed; but I got a sound sleep’. What does sound means in the sentence?
(A) I got a complete sleep
(B) I produced sound during sleep
(C) I heard a sound during the sleep
(D) Someone produced sound to distract my sleep


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