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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 205

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1. What is the official language of the Delhi Sulthanate?
Answer :- Persian

2.Who was the last ruler of the Delhi Sulthanate?
Answer :- Ibrahim Lodhi

3. Harihara and Bukka were the founders of?
Answer :- Vijaya Nagar Empire (1336)

4. Who was the most famous ruler of the Vijaya Nagar Empire?
Answer :- Krishna Deva Raya (1509 - 1529)

5. The 500th anniversary of which King's coronation was observed in 2009?
Answer :- Krishna Deva Raya

6. What was the name of the famous scholastic assembly in the court of Krishna Deva Raya?
Answer :- Ashtadiggajas

7. Which battle resulted in the collapse of Vijayanagar?
Answer :- Battle of Talikota (1565)

8.The ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire can be seen at?
Answer :- Hampi, Karnataka

9. Who was the founder of the Bahmani Kingdom?
Answer :- Zafar Khan

10. Farid was the orginal name of?
Answer :- Shershah Suri

11. Who defeated Humayun at the battle of Chausa in 1539?
Answer :- Shershah Suri

12. Who constructed Grand Trunk Road?
Answer :-  Shershah

13. Who was the first Indian ruler to issue Silver Rupiya?
Answer :- Shershah

14. Where is the tomb of Shershah?
Answer :- Sasaram, Bihar

15. Who built the Purana Qila in Delhi?
Answer :-  Shershah Suri

16. Who was the founder of the Maratha Empire?
Answer :- Shivaji Bhasale

17. Which was the capital of Shivaji?
Answer :- Raigad

18. Shivaji crowned as the 'Chhatrapati' of the Marathas in?
Answer :- 1674

19. Which was the period of Shivaji's reign?
Answer :- 1674 - 1680

20. Who were the parents of Shivaji?
Answer :-  Shahaji Bhasale and Jijabai
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