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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 202

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1. Alkali metals are usually kept under?

2. Which chemical is used in making of Photograph?
Answer:-  Silver bromide

3. During a chloride test white fumes are produced due to the formation of?
Answer:-  Ammonium Chloride

4. Oxidence is a systematic name of?
Answer:- Water

5. Scientist who first prepared urea?
Answer:- Wohler

6. Which compound is used sedative?
Answer:- Pottassium Bromide

7. Bakelite is a?
Answer:- Thermo setting plastic
8. Which acid is manufacturing by 'Contact Process'?
Answer:- H2So4

9. as the atomic number increases, electron affinity?
Answer:- Decreases

10. The process of bleaching by chlorine is called?
Answer:- Oxidation

11. Cynide process is used to prepare?
Answer:- Gold and Silver

12. The acid used to make permanent writing on the surface of glass?
Answer:- Hydrofluric acid

13. Molish's test used to?
Answer:- Detect carbohydrates in a solution

14. The Substance preserved under water is?
Answer:- White phosphorous

15. 'Pitch Blend' is ore of?
Answer:- Uranium

16. Which of the gas is odourless?
Answer:- Nitric oxide

17. Which is highly explosive material?
Answer:- RDX
18. Lipids are?
Answer:- Fatty acids

19. Which of the following is the source of common salt?
Answer:- Halite

20. Which of the following is a non-metal?
Answer:- Boron

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