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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 200

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1. The Harappan Civilization has been dated to which period?
Answer:- 2550 BC - 2050 BC

2. Which were the cereals grown by the Harappans?
Answer:-  Wheat and Barley

3. Which Indus Civilization site has also yielded evidences of the early Harappan period?
Answer:- Kalibangan,Rajasthan

4. Harappa was situated on the bank of the river?
Answer:- Ravi

5. Which was the first settlement where the Indus Civilization was discovered?
Answer:- Harappa

6. Which is the largest Indus city?
Answer:- Mohenjodaro

7. Mohanjodaro is situated on the bank of the river ?
Answer:- Indus

8. Which was the Indus Civilization's outpost for sea trade?
Answer:- Lothal, Gujarath

9. In which Indus city was a dockyard has been excavated?
Answer:- Lothal

10. The famous Great Bath belongs to?
Answer:- Mohenjodaro

11. From which Indus site does the Bronze dancing nude excavated?
Answer:-  Mohanjodaro

12. The Mesopotamian literature refers Harappa as?
Answer:- Meluha

13. Who discovered Harappa in 1921?
Answer:- Dayaram Sahni

14. Who wxcavated Mohenjodaro in 1922?
Answer:- R.D.Banerjee

15. What is the most important feacture of the Harappan civilization?
Answer:- Town Planning

16. The word Mohanjodaro in Sindhi language means?
Answer:- The mound of thee dead

17. The earliest people in the world to grow cotton were?
Answer:- The Harappans

18. At present, Harappa isisituated in the ..... district of the Punjab province in Pakisthan?
Answer:- Sahiwal

19. Mohanjodaro is situated in .... Province of Pakisthan?
Answer:- Sindh

20. The fire altar has been excavated from?
Answer:- Kalibangan

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