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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

PSC Examination Expected Questions - 199

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1. The number of molecules contained in 1 mole of gases is called?
Answer :-  Avogadro number

2. Water gas is a mixture of?
Answer :-  Carbon monoxide and Hydrogen

3. What is Red Led?
Answer :- Triplumbic tetroxide

4. Balmer's series in emission spectrum of hydrogen atom lie in the?
Answer :- Visible region

5. The central most spare of tooth contains?
Answer :- Pulp

6. The organ that regulates the body temperature in human being?
Answer :- Skin

7. Which was the first subatomic particle discovered?
Answer :- Electron

8. Which theory is used for explaining the changes in reaction rate?
Answer :- Collision theory

9. Feron gas is used in?
Answer :- Refrigerators

10. Heat produced on account of friction is transferred by?
Answer :- Conduction

11. Name the world's first dedicated education stellite launched by India?
Answer :- Edusat

12. The number of vertebra in the vertebral column of man is?
Answer :- 33

13. Bunchy top disease is caused by?
Answer :- Virus

14. Monocarpic plant which shows flowering once in 12 years?
Answer :- Bamboo

15. The principal metal used in manufacturing steel is?
Answer :- Iron

16. Optical fibre works on the?
Answer :- total internal reflection

17. Chemically heavy water is?
Answer :- Deuterium oxide

18. Reo viruses are ?
Answer :- Double standard RNA viruses

19. Chemically respiration is?
Answer :- Oxidation reaction

20. National Science Day is observed on February 28 to commemorate?
Answer :- Raman's effect Day


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