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PSC Examination Expected Questions - 202

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1. Vardhamana Mahavira is believed to have born in 540 BC in?
Answer :- Kundala Grama

2.Mahavira attained nirvana in 468 BC at?
Answer :- Pavapuri

3. Angas are the sacres texts of ?
Answer :- Jains

4. 'Thirtanas' are associated with ?
Answer :- Jainism

5. In 300 BC, the first Jain Council was held at?
Answer :- Pataliputra

6. Digambaras and Swethambaras are the two sects of?
Answer :- Jainism

7. The philosophy of Four Truths and Eight fold path are associated with?
Answer :- Buddhism

8. In which language Buddha made his sermons?
Answer :- Pali

9. Buddha attained parinirvana in 483 BC at?
Answer :- Kushinagara

10. The first Buddhist Council was held in 483 BC at?
Answer :- Rajagriha

11. Who was the founder of the Maurya Dynasty?
Answer :- Chandragupta Maurya (321 BC)

12. Who was the first to decipher the Ashoka inspirations in 1837?
Answer :- James Prinsep

13. What is the total number of the major rock edits of Ashoka?
Answer :- 14

14. The Jataka are the previous birth stories of?
Answer :- Buddha

15. Who was the first foreign traveller to India?
Answer :- Megasthenese

16. Who was the author of Indica?
Answer :- Megasthenese

17. Who is the author of Buddhacharitham?
Answer :- Ashvagosha

18. Saka Era began in?
Answer :- 78 AD

19. Gupta Era began in?
Answer :- 320 AD

20. Which king of Magadha was the contemporary of Mahavira and Buddha?
Answer :- Bimbisara

21. Who was the king of Magadha at the time of Buddha's death?
Answer :- Ajatasatru

22. Alexander invaded India in?
Answer :- 326 BC

23. Megasthenese was the court ambassador to?
Answer :- Chandragupta Maurya

24. Who was the father of Ashoka?
Answer :- Bindusara

25. Ashoka ascended the throne in?
Answer :- 273 BC

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